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Ersas Aluminum

Our permanent goal is to offer our customers the patented window systems within ERSAŞ Aluminum, which has broken many FIRSTS in the world, through our dealer networks spread in many parts of Turkey and the World, to our customers in a fast and trouble-free manner.


We are at Many Points of Industry in the Field of Aluminium


Aluminum Window and Door Systems with Qualified Superior Features


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It is Turkey's leading integrated aluminum factory with its strong knowledge and experience gained from marketing-sales activities carried out in the international arena such as Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North Africa, North and South America. Aluminum, known as the metal of the century, with the dealer network we have created by identifying the needs of the sectors and developing products in this direction, offers high-tech products today, Window and Door Systems, Energy, Automotive, Smart Stock Systems and Building & Construction sectors, as well as Refrigerator, Greenhouse, Furniture, Cabinet. We deliver our products to more than a hundred sectors such as Highway Signage, Truck & Trailer, Pier Stairs, Supermarket Concept, Fair Stand, Machine Conveyor, Industrial Kitchen and Advertising Profiles.     


Aluminum in all aspects

Aluminum is one of the most abundant elements in nature, it is environmentally friendly from production to consumption, and it can be recycled. It is commonly found in nature as bauxite ore. Although it becomes suitable for industrial use with various processes, its recycling cost is lower. It is a very useful metal, light and durable. It is resistant to corrosion due to its superior passivation feature. Easy to shape, aluminum is also a good conductor. The chemical element with the symbol Al is a silvery ductile metal. It is widely used in many industrial areas. Aluminum is extruded with alloys suitable for use.

Within the body of ERSAS Group Companies, aluminum raw material billet casting, various design-specific productions are made and aluminum profile production is carried out.

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Prestigious Projects in Turkey And Around The World

PASCal Window and Door Systems, ES 40 Sliding Series, ES 55 Sliding Series, Pal System are used in many special prestigious projects in Turkey and around the world.

Due to its high moment of inertia, it resists wind load; Due to this feature, it is preferred in high-rise buildings.

The thin profile details in the sliding series increase the aesthetic feature of the product.
This does not spoil the view, making it a reason for preference in aesthetic buildings.

A more decorative and aesthetic appearance is provided in aluminum windows, thanks to the "aluminum glass bead insert system and form" produced with 45 degree cutting feature, which is a first in Turkey and in the world.

Ersaş Aluminum is a Gözeler Holding company.